• Joseph Marshall

For this project we created bespoke music, audio and sound design to brief. The film was an official selection at SOIFF. (dis)integration was filmed on the 15th March 2020 as Coronavirus 'lockdown' was being announced in the UK. We (I.C.Y. Audio Visual) created bespoke music and sound design for this piece. The work was filmed in the incredible 'junk shop' arch by Ramsgate Harbour. As a response to that moment in time, the film deliberately sought out 'turbulence' and 'precarity' as a working method to explore prescient themes of isolation and anxiety. The film can be seen as a choreographic document that captures the chaos that the pandemic was to thrust upon an unsuspecting world. Choreodramaturg : Paul Sadot Dancer : Kat Collings Sound & Music : I.C.Y. Audio Visual