• Emily Smethurst

To continue the growth and development of omni-channel retailing in bricks-and-mortar stores, from research and observations of current practices, a prototype of an experience hub was designed for my Part Practice Dissertation. For research purposes, the experience hub will be theoretically tested to be in Selfridges stores due to their reputation to offer world class experimental retail spaces. The experience hub offers consumers an unforgettable in store experience to test suitability and practicality of garments, subsequently offering a service which cannot compare to online channels. The experience hub will be controlled through an app which will be integrated into the current Selfridges app, through having a personalized area of the app which can be directly used to inform decision making in store this will result in the consumer having favourable behaviour towards the brand. The experience hub will be sponsored to offer the different experiences and subsequently the opportunity for both the sponsors and Selfridges to up sell products available in store.