DJCAD Interior Environmental Design Degree Show 2019

  • Lola Knibb
  • Ayo Oluwaleimu
  • Nadine Audrey Franz
  • Tereza Chronakova
  • claudia steele
  • Abbie Hunter

The 2019 Interior & Environmental Design degree show at Duncan and Jordanstone College of Art and Design was curated and designed by the seventeen graduates showing there work at the degree show. Eighteen red tables were designed to support scale models and an A2 Workbook on top while allowing 2 A0 killer images to be displayed in the space between the tables. These tables were designed with consideration of limited space at the New Designers space in London while also making the most of the long corridor we have in Dundee. Visual impact was important to encourage people to stop and explore the work we were presenting. The location was a key passing place in the overall degree show and became an open social space on opening night. Complimenting the red tables we had warm yellow accentuating features throughout the space - Interior & Environmental Design can be seen running the length of the space. The same colour was used on the flex which holds the drop lighting and on the overhanging emotive objects above each graduates station.