Do Androids Dream Title Sequence

‘Do Androids Sleep?’, my final title sequence enters a surreal world of foreshadowing and metaphors that build a reality in this non-existant film. The sequence opens with the loud beat of drum as a beginning to whats to come already setting the mood and dreamlike state as a being emerges from a black liquid or white/black noise. We’re established with differing shots as things become to assemble until eveything seemingly falls apart into a slow chaotic chain of events. When the title sequence ends it’s like as if someone is beginning to wake up from a dream or nightmare. The title sequence in a whole carries a hidden narrative as certain credit names are accompanied by visuals which hint at the characteristics of an individual and discreetly future events which may occur in reality or non-reality of a symbolic nature.
This Final Major Project has been an incredible experience where I finally get to do a project I feel really passionate about. The opportunity to finally create a title sequence with the skills I have developed over the course of the last three years has given me the confidence to want to continue to pursue a career in title sequence design. Overall I am extremely happy with the outcome my major project has reached and hopefully this project report is an insightful reveal into the process behind reaching a personal milestone of mine. There were difficulties at times with time management and really getting around to warming up to the idea of designing a title sequence in this approach. The time I have spent researching and developing my ideas has given me a lot of knowledge into working at a professional standard. In terms of improvements I could have made on my final major project I would have definitely loved to have learnt the skills to utilise 3D elements involving modelling and animation. All in all I wanted to create something unique and challenge myself with a seemingly difficult brief which involves critically thinking on the topics such as the the novel presents itself. This final project has been an endeavour at times but very self rewarding. It’s most certainly worth it.