• Jess Adkins
  • Seamus White

‘Done For The Doing’ is an online collection of over a thousand poems by Professor John White CBE. Eleven books were published in limited edition runs between 1992 and 2014. ‘Countdown’, his most recent collection of unpublished work is also included. Last year, John and I released Fifteen Words (, an interactive website of his permutation poetry. This was the first collection of his poetry online. As John’s significant collection of poetry previously existed only as a limited edition of books, we agreed to open this work up, sharing it with an online audience. The website attempts to honour the books in all possible respects, with all layout and design decisions dictated by the original printed series. John White passed away in 2021 at Three Wheels Temple in Ealing, London. * All poetry written by John White Japanese translations by Taira Sato Website designed by Jess Mae Adkins Website developed by Seamus White All poems are subject to copyright