Doomed MCMXC

  • Christopher Medford
  • Nia Orea

Doomed MCMXC is a street wear brand, which caters to a particular youth subculture, producing a line of casual apparel that speaks to a desire for oversized hoodies and graphic t shirts. Doomed MCMXC started off as a branding project while I was studying at the University of East London, and eventually grew into a trading brand, helping to broaden my own understanding of branding and purpose within design. Through my work on Doomed, I realised how vital it is to create a consistent theme in the consumer’s mind. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers. One of the key methods through which I have attempted to develop the best branding for Doomed is through creating a name to link with imagery, creating an overall theme. The name was inspired by nineties skateboarding culture, such as Thrasher magazine, Supreme and Stussy. Doomed being the name for the young generation of the nineties followed by roman numerals to signify the actual year (MCMXC =1990).Sticking with a theme of a darker take on nineties skate fashion I chose a font with a more handwritten urban look, representing nineties counterculture. The stag head skull logo, represents the darkness in the past tense, and therefore a warning – inspired by the name of the brand itself. Following on from my initial branding work, I went on to create product mock ups of the t-shirts for manufacture. The shirts were manufactured using Dye-Sublimation on polyester. I decided to use this method as it allowed me to print more unusual and complex patterns – better suited to the interests of my target customer. Three of the designs were inspired inspired by British music, each representing a different genre: Grime, Drum and Bass and Tech-House, with one being an original piece and the other being a reproduction of a early shirt that used to be silk screen printed by myself when i first started Doomed MCMXC


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    Doomed MCMXC