Dutch Stuff

  • Frankie Moutafis

Dutch Stuff

2017 sees the Netherlands added to London Design Fair’s roster of country pavilions for the first time in the fair’s history. Taking place in the centenary year of De Stijl – the Dutch-instigated abstract design movement that left a lasting legacy on global art, architecture and design – the exhibition explores the evolution of Dutch design thinking since the heydays of Mondrian, as expressed through interior products, artworks, fashion design and installations. Curated by five Netherlands-based design labels and collectives (including Form & Seek, Dutch Invertuals and Vij5), Dutch Stuff occupies the fair’s new gallery at the top of the Old Truman Brewery, transforming a 600sq m industrial space into an immersive and atmospheric showcase of modern Dutch design.


Working with London Design Fair, Zetteler is helping tell the design world about this long-awaited addition to the national pavilion line-up, aiming to get the fair’s 27,000+ visitors up the stairs and into the Old Truman Brewery’s vast top-floor gallery for a glimpse of the tradition and creativity underpinning Dutch design today. 

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