Employee recognition event

  • Mona Lastenouse

Client/ international tech research firm Dates/ spring 2022 Location/ Barcelona

One of the best incentive programs in the industry.
With a big part of the project being dedicated to the attendee experience, the success of this event highly relies on the quality of F&B services and AV setups.
This was a really exciting one to work on.
It involved 3 different venues across the city, multiple setup changes, and 2 waves of guests back-to-back.
I have been part of the on-site F&B team to manage services such as cocktails, parties, gala dinners and VIP lunches.
The main challenge was to turn one of the spaces around everyday, making it look and feel like a whole different place for each evening function. All the services were thought through in detail to deliver a unique experience for guests to remember.
The event's highlight has been the themed costumed party. This year was Haunted Hotel night: it was probably the best party I have worked on as an event professional!