• Makeda Carayol

Absolute Radio's 'Epicentre's' is a five-part audio documentary series that shines the spotlight on five cities that have been pivotal to the global music scene. Epicentres looks at the relationship between music and place. It’s a tribute to the distinct sonic signatures of cities, where music is the life-blood of these beloved destinations. Featuring Seattle, Memphis, Nashville, Manchester and Liverpool, Epicentres asks how did these scenes emerge? What did it feel like to be a part of them? WHY did they happen here in particular? How did the cities influence the artists that came out of them and how can the cities be heard in the music? How has music history remembered these places particularly after they became mainstream? All these questions will be answered in Epicentres, a look at the places in which musical movements erupted and the shockwaves were felt across the world.