Everything You Need Is Inside

In 2017 Purdey’s tasked iris with upscaling the pace of the growth that we’d created with the extremely successful #ThriveOn.
In an extension of Idris and Purdey’s partnership we created a collection of ten 15-second Facebook films entitled 'Everything You Need Is Inside', designed to inspire viewers to keep themselves going at those moments during the day when it’s hard to find inner motivation. Throughout the series Idris encourages viewers to refresh themselves with a Purdey’s and dash of self-motivation.
To reinforce this message we hosted a launch event for the brand where Idris was joined by Chris Barez-Brown, and Olivia Louise, renowned self-motivation gurus, for a panel discussinghow powerful a positive mind-set can be in achieving incredible personal targets.
We also created OOH with the pack center stage encouraging recognition and brand awareness .
The campaign went live on 13th May, results coming soon...