Fabrik Conditioner 19.03

Creativity from across the Fabrik community featuring Ninian Doff, Patrick Meller, Ann Evelin Lawford, Dave McEllistrum, Pat Blades, Diana Neto, Louis Hollis, Per Bagger, Essence Ransome, Vanessa Coquelle, Loop, Anders Hallberg, Eleonora Vergnano, Michael Kettenbeil, Samuel De Maré, Sarah Cunningham, Esther Lalanne, Luis Monteiro, Raquel Villa, French Retouch, Jordan Rossi, Marcus Ebbett and Lena Modigh.

Ninian Doff & Patrick Meller, Director & Director of Photography, UK
Massive congrats are in order for Ninian Doff and Patrick Meller for their outstanding achievement. 'Boyz In The Wood' won the audience award at SXSW.
Ann Evelin Lawford, Director of Photography, UK
Documentary artist Laura Dodsworth photographs 100 women and interviews 18 participants, from age 19 to 77, about how their vagina has shaped their lives. Their stories are intimate, shocking, moving, powerful and funny. Exquisite camera work by DoP Ann Evelin Lawford. Premiering to enthusiastic reviews ‘100 Vaginas’ changes the way women’s bodies are presented in the media.
Dave McEllistrum, Photographer, USA
Among the most remote in the country; the national monument of Grand Staircase-Escalante was the last to be mapped in the contiguous United States. Dave McEllistrum brings a little bit of this natural wonder to our screens.
Pat Blades, VFX Artist, Czech Republic
Cold Earth. Director & VFX artist Pat Blades takes us on a visual trip where impossible landscapes become possible.
Per Bagger, Photographer, Denmark
Per Bagger is a fashion and beauty photographer who sees the importance for great images that tell stories about the brands personality. In his editorial 'Childhood Colours' for Elegant magazine he offers his rendition of what excellent fashion photography is.
Diana Neto, Art Director, Portugal
Published on PAP Magazine - a fashion editorial by Diana Neto featuring models Anyah Pagan and Marco Pina. If there was one word to describe Diana’s photography that would be enchanting.
Louis Hollis, Director, UK
Louis shares the first stills from a feature length documentary he has been working on for over a year now called Breaking the Cycle. A story of two gang members from Hackney who attempted to change their lives and become filmmakers. More coming soon!
Essence Ransome, Photographer, USA
Power On. A series of portraits by the Atlanta-based photographer.
Eleonora Vergnano, Photographer, Italy
Light and shadow. They say that when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls. We don’t know if this rings true, but we are in love with this shot.
Michael Kettenbeil, Cinematographer, USA
Black Swan, White Swan. Michael captures the wonderful work of the Joffrey Ballet’s dancers.
Sarah Cunningham, Director of Photography, South Africa
Flatland is a journey of self-discovery for these three different but equally desperate women, painting a vivid and unique portrait of femininity against a hostile frontier-land and questions what it means to be a women in contemporary South Africa and the world at large.
Esther Lalanne, Illustrator, UK
Drawings feature women-led illustrations. Using vibrant colours Esther stories reveal the glorious women of the everyday.
Luis Monteiro, Photographer, UK
Nastya Zakharo through the lens of Luis Monteiro for the FT. Luis Monteiro does what he knows best: Shooting breathtaking fashion editorials for the world’s leading titles.
Vanessa Coquelle, Photographer, Belgium
Hailing from France, and now living in Brussels, photographer Vanessa Coquelle has a talent for capturing the moment. Her work is as honest and open as it is fantastic.
Raquel Villa, Architect, Spain
Raquel Villa continues her series of playful renderings, inspired by nature, biology and everything in between. We’re proud to showcase our members’ creativity in all its uniqueness.
French Retouch, Photo Retouchers, France
French Retouch is Azadeh Avije, an Iranian photographer who combines her passion for beautiful imagery - both in front of and behind the lens - and Jean Philippe Duarte, a retoucher who's been distilling his experience for the most famous brands for more than 14 years.
Jordan Rossi, Director, UK
An exclusive documentary for HungerTV starring NAO as she talks about her new album Saturn.
The Loop, Production Agency, Russia
Moscow-based post-production agency The Loop are building data visualisations and dreaming up future worlds.
Samuel De Maré, Artist, Belgium
The work of fine artist Samuel De Maré is in a perpetual state of flux. His paintings constantly change focus, taking different paths through a scene to try to capture his intention. Following the frustrations and decisions within his process becomes part of the joy.
Marcus Ebbett, Artist, New Zealand
At 26, Marcus Ebbett has prestigious awards under his belt. Based in New Zealand, he kicked off his career as a web designer, but decided to start painting full time a little bit further down the line.
Lena Modigh, Photographer, Sweden
A series of candid portraits for Period; a zine about the contemporary female narrative by female-only contributors.⁣⁣
Anders Hallberg, Filmmaker, USA
Award-winning filmmaker Anders Hallberg has directed hundreds of music videos and commercials. He's well versed with documentary filmmaking and has some great editorial photography under his belt. Fantastic work from an accomplished career.

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Jordan Rossi
Esther Lalanne
illustrator, character designer