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Mesmeric new work from our creative community, featuring John Cutler, Kell Mitchell, Karen Joaquín, Femi Anderson, Daniel Prince⁠, Bert Degraeve, David Bird, Mark Unrau⁠, Devlin Prager⁠ and James Forbes-Robertson.

John Cutler, Film Editor, Ireland

John Cutler is a Film Editor based in Dublin, Ireland. He has been editing films, music videos and commercials for almost a decade and has been fortunate to work with some incredibly talented people along the way. In 2019 John won 'Best New Editor' at the Kinsale Shark Awards and in 2020 he edited my first feature film 'You Are Not My Mother' which premiered in the Toronto International Film Festival in 2021.

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Kell Mitchell, Director & Photographer, UK

Kell is an award-winning Director and Photographer whose flair for storytelling has won her an international client list. She predominantly shoots lifestyle film and stills campaigns, working with clients ranging from technology, beauty goliaths & leading healthcare brands.

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Karen Joaquín, Photographer, Spain

"I think that I just let my feelings and emotions of the moment be. It's really hard to explain how creativity comes to my life, because I feel it is just part of it, it's just who I am. What I can say is that for bigger projects I like to decompose the emotions that the subject of the project provokes me, and with this I brainstorm to create a new concept of it. Then, in cotidianity I'm always looking for every detail, every face, every moment and seeing the beauty behind it. That's why I take my camera everywhere I go, cause I don't want to ever lose those unique moments, and because having my camera with me, always drives my creativity." - Karen Joaquín

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Femi Anderson, Video Producer, UK

Femi is an award-winning and nominated Video Producer residing in London, UK and is Founder and Creative Director of the production company Cheddar Chilli Films. He has worked alongside names such as Jorja Smith, Rachel Chinouriri, Collard and more.

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Daniel Prince⁠, 3D Artist & Director, UK

Not the Same Plane is the experimental digital artwork of Daniel Prince, a London-based 3D Artist and Director. His digital works 'Not the same plane' explore deep ocean lifeforms and astronomical objects.

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Bert Degraeve, Cinematographer, Belgium

Bert is a Cinematographer residing in Belgium. With his stories he makes emotional connections between people and brands by smartly investing in story-driven content.

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David Bird, Cinematographer, UK

David Bird is a UK Cinematographer who has worked on large productions, like Star Wars, as well as smaller-scale narrative projects that have featured on Vimeo Staff Picks and Nowness. His commercial clients include Adidas, UEFA, Superdry, Corona and Expedia just to name a few.

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Mark Unrau⁠, Photographer & Filmmaker, USA

Photographer and Filmmaker Mark Unrau is driven by a hunger for new philosophies and perspectives. He spent most of his youth wandering the globe seeking adventure and connection. The more he travelled and talked with people, the more he appreciated life and its diversity. This opened his eyes to the power of storytelling through film and sound.⁠

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Devlin Prager⁠, Director, Italy

A native Italian award-winning Director, Devlin's approach mirrors that of his country’s famous art and fashion: pure, unadulterated taste with a reduction of unnecessary ingredients.⁠ ⁠ Though he started exclusively as a Photographer, oil paintings of the masters and the moderns line of architectural landscapes hold some of his greatest inspiration as a Director. As such, bold colours and light define his aesthetic.

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James Forbes-Robertson, Film Editor, UK

James Forbes-Robertson is a Film Editor residing in London specialising in commercials and music videos. He has worked with acclaimed directors as well as clients including Google, EA, Nike, Carlsberg and Braun.

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