Facebook Live Match Project

  • Adam Libonatti-Roche


When Facebook introduced their live functionality for brands, it was a chance for brands to take the lead on what they could show brands. Buzzfeed used it to activate their journalists around the world whilst during The Mannequin Challenge period, we got to see the more humorous sides of companies.
For Progress Wrestling, they have a fanbase that is located all around the world and with the fact that Progress events in Camden sell out in 40 seconds, there's a lot of fans who don't get to take part in the event. This spawned the idea of showcasing a live match from every chapter to make sure they were engaged and also catered for.


The activity boosted the Progress Wrestling Facebook page's growth by 200% as viewers from around the world joined in to watch. The largest viewership was 500+ viewers concurrently.
Whilst the match was taking place, there was an opportunity to engage with the viewers. The commenting was done from the same phone that as streaming the match, which was a bit of a challenge however it helped increase the reach of the video.