Faces&Laces | Nike Off Script Special Program

  • Julia Dickevich

Faces&Laces | Nike Off Script Special Program is a special educational program a part of the Off Script project under the direct supervision of Faces&Laces. It consisted of a series of events that combined visual art, fashion, and music with the subcultural background. Events took place in two Moscow-based venues — Nike Box MSK and Nike MSK on the Kuznetskiy Most for 3 weekends. The main character of the event at Nike MSK venue was a well-known alternative artist with the graffiti background — Craig Costello (KRINK). The program at Nike Box MSK was focused on the local creative communities — DOPECLVBWORLD and A.D.E.D. At the stage of preparation, I was responsible for the development of the idea and its pitch to the client. During the realization, I was the head of the project responsible for goal setting to the teams of curators, communities, designers, production, and PR. Timing and budget control. Communication with the brand.


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