Fall in Colorado

  • James Glacier
From the Rocky Mountains to Gunnison, a 2 week photography journey through some of Colorado's most famous scenic areas during the peak fall season.
Photography & Videography by James Glacier.

The Maroon Bells (near to Aspen) shot in the dead of night.
35mm, 1.4 at 15 secs. ISO 3200
A short video clip of my time walking the through the Ashcroft Ghost Town along the Castle Creek Road close to Aspen.
Clearing morning mist lingers over the autumnal Cottonwoods close to the cowboy town of Gunnison. (below 3x images)
First light hitting the Maroon Bells close to Aspen
A 5 mile trek through the Rocky Mountains from Marble town took me to the majestic Crystal Mill. Built in 1892 this compressor station which used a water turbine to drive an air compressor. The air was then used to power tools for local workers. (6x below images)
The beautiful Castle Creek Road in Aspen during peak fall colour. (5x below images)
The Ashcroft Ghost Town close to Aspen


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