False Dawn Playbook

  • Jemima Cox

The pandemic is not close to being over. In January 2020, WHO raised the highest level of alarm and declared COVID-19 a situation of international concern. Six months later, countries have made progress but globally the disease is accelerating. In the six weeks up until the start of August, cases doubled. Discussions of a 'new normal' has signalled a false dawn, but planners, strategists and marketers need to be equipped to tackle the upcoming challenges. The False Dawn Playbook contains all the frameworks, matrixes and approaches the Canvas8 team has created over the past 6 months to build the Pandemic Culture Living Report. It's designed to re-invigorate your thinking and freshen up your strategic approach to the pandemic. And so as the world’s willpower wanes, we wanted to re-ignite the conversation. The pandemic will continue to demand sacrifices of us all for many many months into 2021. Now more than ever we cannot take our eye off the challenge, or the changes, or the consumer. This is still a collective trauma – but equally it’s still a major crossroads, and an impetus for change and adaptation – we all want to emerge from on the right side of history, as people and as professionals. Summarizing five months of in-depth research, over 50 expert interviews, and 500 slides worth of information into one place. This is your False Dawn Playbook– rich in resources, tools, frameworks, and insights to support you and your teams in following and adapting to the twists and turns of this global crisis. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE COPY NOW: https://resources.canvas8.com/false-dawn-playbook