Fashion and Style Behaviors 2021

  • Josephine Colter
  • Margot Peppers

✨The self-care stylist, the thrift-flipper and the 'shoptimistic' customer – consider the impact of evolving Fashion + Style behaviors for your audience in our latest snapshot report. ⚡️Containing 4 key behaviors to track, 1 featured expert and 8 brand case studies, get up to date with how personal style has changed after a year of lockdowns. ✨Read it to: –explore why people are swapping fast fashion for looks that last –unpack how getting dressed has become a form of self-care –examine how elitism is losing its allure ⚡️How you can use the report: – Analyze style behaviors to track identity and culture – Consider the needs of sustainable shoppers – Track style decisions as a signifier of wider buying decisions ✨Download it now: