feed me light | kitkat - ramadan

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feed me light helped kitkat celebrate the season of eid in this special ramadan spot. i was responsible for the modelling and texturing of all environment elements. i loved working this wonderfully light moment featuring their brand new chocolate goodie characters, set against a rich background filled with luscious plants bringing a touch of colour and life.

project name
kitkat ramadan
environment modelling
environment texturing
3DS max after effects
designed, directed & produced by feed me light
executive creative director — denis bodart
executive producer — ryan goodwin-smith
studio producer — michael parks
production assistant — david botchey
creative directors — marc & denis bouyer
concept design — marc bouyer
cg lead — olivier pirard
3d modelling — florent rousseau, mark mullan
shading & texturing — olivier pirard, mark mullan
lighting & rendering — olivier pirard
animation — christian weckl
rigging — david jurine
compositing — denis bouyer