Fictionalizing Reality

How can Fictionalising Reality Facilitates Better Communication and Create Empathy in Working Environments?
My MA course in which I mastered the process of design thinking by a project changed my life and added new facets to me. This project is about testing the power of stories as a better communication tool and their power to create empathy and impact and influence people in work places. As a writer I was eager to know how communication happens and how we can share emotions and influence people by applying the art of storytelling this made me embarked on this research. Through this project of fictionalising reality, I translated reality situations or messages at work places into stories and tried to make communication better and create empathy. In this project I wrote various stories based on reality situations in working environments. This project is a demonstration of my talent in writing and storytelling and my skills of art direction, designing, research and project management.

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Mandela Alapati

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  • Writer, Storyteller, Filmmaker, Content Developer

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  • Design Thinking
  • Communication Design
  • Empathy
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