First Class Chefs

  • Natalie Teming-Amoako

Pairs of young children impress Michel Roux Jr with their cooking. The format is simple: a skills challenge earns a small time advantage in the main cooking contest. After sampling the dishes, and giving constructive feedback, Mr. Roux declares a winner. Three teams aged 9-11 competed in each of four heats, followed by a pair of quarter-finals cutting the eight teams to four. The final three episodes dropped one pair each show. The press release said that the series would test menu selection, food knowledge, buying, cooking, and mass production. All of these elements were present somewhere in the series. The producers hoped to inspire children to make healthy dishes themselves. First Class Chefs was hosted by Georgia Lock and Finney Cassidy, two stars from Disney's The Evermoor Chronicles. Adults might recognise some of the guests, including Joe Swash, Lisa Allen from Great British Menu, and Tom Kitchin from Masterchef Goes Large.


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