Flight of Nostalgia

  • Raydian Chew
  • oz oz

Flight of Nostalgia, 2020 Womenswear Capsule Collection revolves around the concept of Wau, dissecting the ideology of the Malaysian kite, making its intricate motifs and bringing elements with emphasis in contemporary designs. Inspirations for the beauty of its crafts then broken down into several perspectives from the texture of fabric to 3D construction incorporated into the collection.


Looking into Malaysian traditional arts and culture, The Wau, otherwise known as the Malaysian kite, is derived from the resulting sound of the arc that attaches to the wau. As the wau is lifted into the air, ibus leaves that are mounted on the arc, produces a sound “wau” in rhythmic form. There are numerous versions of Malaysian kites that are associated with the various states found in the country. Each kite is believed to have its own meaning represented by different symbols. Wau has been a traditional pastime, as they were played by laborer like farmers and fishermen as a way to relief stress after a long hard day at work. Malaysian kites then became a form of entertainment for all ages and competitions were held. The tournament of Wau was judged based on several aspects, mainly the authenticity of the creation, pattern of creation, the shape, the color and its size. However, this tradition has been fading with the disappearing of the older generations.