Flutter vs React Native – What to choose for your app development in 2023?

  • Jacob Michael

React Native and Flutter are both famous mobile app development technologies used by the top mobile app development companies in USA.

Do you want to build your mobile apps more quickly? And want to reduce app development costs with cross-platform development – but you’re not sure which technology to choose? React Native and Flutter are both famous mobile app development technologies used by the top mobile app development companies in USA. These two platforms help build interactive applications for Android and iOS. Since these platforms serve the same purpose, it is crucial to understand the differences between them and choose the right one for you. Let’s begin.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a cross-platform mobile app development framework that gives developers an easy way to build and deploy visually attractive, natively compiled applications for mobile (iOS, Android), web, and desktop, all using a single code base.

What is React Native?

React Native combines the best parts of native development with React to build user interfaces. React Native allows you to build mobile apps using only JavaScript and are downloadable on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Flutter vs. React Native


Flutter - Flutter is written in a language called Dart, a programming language introduced by Google in 2011 and rarely used by app developers.

React Native - React Native is written in JavaScript, one the of most popularly used languages in the world today.

User Interface

Flutter - Flutter uses visual, structural, platform, and interactive widgets are built-in UI components that replace native platform components.

React Native - React Native is based more on native components and offers an extensive collection of external UI kits that helps in creating beautiful user interfaces for your applications.


Flutter - There is no interconnecting bridge for initiating interactions with the device’s native components in Flutter. The interactions with native components are faster, improving the overall performance of the mobile application.

React Native - React leverages JavaScript to connect to native components via a bridge so, the speed of app development and running time is slower than Flutter.


Flutter - Flutter provides documentation that is easy to read and the documentation is also more streamlined and straightforward. React Native - React Native offers general documentation and the documentation is not as straightforward as that of Flutters.


Flutter - Flutter is relatively new, and though it has gained some attention lately and the adoption of Dart language rate among developers is slightly lower.

React Native - React Native is widely adopted and is a more popular app development framework than Flutter. React encourages more developers to use this framework.

Flutter and React native is unique mobile app development solutions with a wide popular base. Each cross-platform framework can help your mobile application touch people’s hearts with different approaches.
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