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  • Becca Beaumont

ibs, otherwise known as irritable bowel syndrome is extremely common, estimating that 17% of people in the UK suffer with IBS! as found in research and from personal experience, people are embarrassed to admit they have ibs, due to ibs being associated with pooping, bloating, farting & cramping - not things someone wants to be known for having. the challenge has been to destroy the stigma behind ibs, making it more spoken about as well as providing a helping hand to ibs sufferers, helping them gain confidence of having access to foods they enjoy and are not scared to eat. creating a food service to help those with ibs see past their limited safety meals which they think they are limited to, making ibs not so negative and giving those who suffer with ibs something to actually look forward to, enjoy and are not embarrassing of having ibs or talking openly about it.

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