Footprint Concept App

  • Emma Hampson Jones

As part of the intensive one week General Assembly UX Design course I produced a concept for an app to change peoples habits on their plastic consumption through gamification and cashback/reward incentives. After the course I have continued to explore this space witha second round of research and design. HOW MIGHT WE.... Use peoples digital daily use to encourage zero waste shopping. Make non plastic options more desirable than convenient supermarket packaged items. Give people time to make the lifestyle change to plastic reduction. We create support and encouragement around the subject SPACE EXPLORATION Apps that used location as a basis of their usability sparked an interest in me as it felt like the problem could lie in awareness of what is available to people locally and within easy reach. I then looked at popular apps and websites like Duolingo and Topcashback. The former using gamification to help people learn a new language and therfore forming new linguistic knowledge and reflexes. Topcashback is a hugely popular cashback site and app that allows the user to earn money by clicking links through their platform. I liked the idea of creating different challenges similar to what is found on the Fitbit app where you a rewarded with a badge and a fact about how far you have walked. Applying this I created Rewards based around environmental issues for example endangered animals through the harmful acts of humans. RESEARCH FINDINGS People are concerned about their plastic consumption but hard to cut down Dont know where their options are. Time is a big factor on success Challenges + rewards favoured incentive to reduce plastic. Eg like fitbit or a store card points system.