For Play

  • Maria Emilova

For Play is an interactive digital artwork created in collaboration with Moniker, the Amsterdam-based design studio researching the social effects of technology. Conceived as a form of foreplay to dating on Feeld, it connects visitors in a sensory play space and lets them ‘touch’, tease and flirt with each other outside prescribed categories. Upon entering the project’s microsite, you will be transformed into a floating avatar that both mirrors and completely abstracts your features. Using distorted camera feed that provides both transparency and privacy, For Play assigns your avatar to a digital room where you can interact with up to three other live participants. The multi-sensory experience stimulates sight, touch and hearing and encourages discovery by ensuring encounters are entirely random and organic. Imagined as a boundless online play space, For Play opens up a sensory conversation about the future of dating, where sexuality, gender and identity norms are rendered as expansive and ever-moving facets of human connection. Visit