foreign colourss

  • Xae Cotterell

I created a culture zine, foreign colours, as a project of mine while on the Originals Creator Network ran by GUAP and Adidas. Our brief was 'rebel to revolutionise' and my zine explores the rebellion culture of rebellion through the lens of the boldest colour on the spectrum, pink – a colour once considered sin infuse it was named "foreign colour". throughout history pink has been used to convey a sense of both rebellion and revolution so I created a zine that explored this colour while featuring creative I think are rebels in their own way. the zine was exhibited and sold at this year's OCN exhibition and is currently stocked at BOOKS Peckham huge thanks to the insanely talented artists and teams involved Jesualdo photography Max Giorgeschi set design Janice Kei styling Tiffany Riazanova movement direction Weronika Wiktoria MUA Lara Nasamu MI-EL photography Sally He Xin Run styling Jaka Koroma MUA Callie Foulsham Jadzia Photography Emily White set design Evie Nairne styling Jadzia Scott assisted by Amman Zabir MUA Maria Toniolo Sanasesh & Rishy Malik photography Jasmine Engel-Malone assisted by Sophie Phillips set design Zan Morley movement direction Weronika Wiktoria styling Jasnine Wangpanya & Tori Parry assisted by Rachel Hilary Doku nails Nails by Ashton MUA Sofia Paradis hair Laura Swaine