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A collection of resources to inspire you to take the next step in UX Design.

Piece by Denise Chippindale, European Marketing Manager at General Assembly.

Last night we held our 'What's Next in UX event at GA with a sold out room. We had a stellar lineup including Google, BCG, PWC and Designit.
One thing I've noticed from running events over the past few years is that I adore seeing people in the room that have the appetite to broaden their knowledge and skillsets and last night it was no exception,
Coming from someone who has changed careers twice and probably will again in the future, it's super important to realise that sometimes if you're unhappy in your work it might not be able to job but more about you. We see so many faces come through our doors wanting to switch things up.
If you're interested in broadening your skills from Graphic Design to more service design or UX, I've gathered a few resources which you could take a look at.
We also have an interview skills workshop which you can take a look in the link in the GA bio.

Design and UX Resources.

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