Full Brochure Website Design

  • Marty Harling-Coward
  • Leo Minster
Blackout Technologies Ltd came to us with a logo and a PowerPoint asking us to deliver a brochure website which had the ability to stand out from the typical corporate finance environment. It's an epic product which needed an epic website.

"Marty and Leo were super responsive, smart, creative, and extremely hard working during the whole process. We had given them a tight deadline and they delivered!"

To kick off the homepage we introduced an amazing stock video that seemed to sum up our clients' initial brief. They loved it. We top and tailed it with their branding in bold, uppercase and contrasting text to create an instant impact.
Their existing logo used a black line to effectively 'black out' part of the white text behind it. We exploited this graphical element and pulled it across key headers and anchor points.
We recommended that our client reduced their initial volume of text to make the webiste easily digestable to retain the readers' interest.

"They were an absolute pleasure to work with and I would recommend them 100%."

Here's what they had to say:
"We challenged Marty and Leo to design our website from scratch. Over the phone and email, we provided them with only a starter brand/logo and some vague instruction with which to work. They came to the first meeting with several designs already drawn up and we were blown away. The range of work and ideas was fantastic, and one in particular hit the nail on the head and is the design we went with - we didn't need to see anymore concept work! They then went on to build us a website that seems to visually impress everyone who looks at it, on both desktop and mobile. They also built in some pretty cool and unusual functionality for us."
PowerPoint - 50 page editable PPT redesign and colour palette
New Logo - mid way through the project the company name evolved which required logo design rethink