Futureheads and LinkedIn: Matching amazing talent with talent seekers

Do you know how many recruiting companies there are out there? We don’t know either but according to LinkedIn, there are over 60,000 registered on its platform.
Given that huge number, we are honoured to be recognised by LinkedIn for our use of social media to connect brilliant talent with talent seekers providing amazing opportunities. We ranked 10th in their 2016 Most Socially Engaged recruiting firm list in the Specialist Boutique category. This list was announced today, 5th October 2016.

"Our intention was always to strive to be the best, not the biggest"
To identify the top firms, LinkedIn took into account many thousands of data points collected on those 60,000 recruiting companies active on LinkedIn. These data points included social reach, employee engagement on the platform, content and many more. The engagement between our consultants and their connections, our company page and followers were key factors in driving social engagement.
Did we have a strategy behind our influence on the platform?

Yes, we treat social media like we treat networking events; share information that’s useful to you and add value to your connections through relevant insights and updates. Make meaningful relationships. Above all, be nice to people. We aren’t kidding, that’s our motto!
Our culture at Futureheads empowers all of our team members to be our brand ambassadors and to do better every day. "Our intention was always to strive to be the best, not the biggest", said one our Directors, Be Kaler.

Of the award, Gill Arnold said, "Communication is an essential part of our business; sharing the right thing at the right time with our candidates and employers. Professional social media is a big part of this communication and it’s great to see our teams excelling at it."

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