Game of Thrones® Series 7

HBO’s Game of Thrones® has won critical acclaim. Many will recognise Northern Ireland as the setting for some of the show’s most iconic scenes. Hugo & Cat worked with Tourism Ireland to create a digital tapestry depicting series 1 to 7 – so that fans could explore the intricate plot and deep dive into the filming locations.

80m ‘Bayeux-style’ tapestry

For the launch of the highly anticipated Series 7, Tourism Ireland commissioned a giant 80m Game of Thrones® ‘Bayeux-style’ tapestry featuring “the story so far”. Made in Northern Ireland by local craftsmen using local materials, it is now an exhibit at the Ulster Museum. It's simply a ‘must see’ for Game of Thrones® fans.

Jump through the storyline

Zoom the canvas' exquisite crafting to jump into the storyline, and be guided by themes, characters, battles and untimely ends. Hotspots along the tapestry give fans a recap on the scenes and locations, with onward links to explore more content.

Getting closer to the action

Once fans have explored the tapestry, onward journeys within the platform promote Game of Thrones experiences in Northern Ireland, with detailed itineraries and trip ideas to explore.
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