Gamescom 2019: THQ Nordic Booth

At a trade show as large as Gamescom in Cologne, games companies have to go the extra mile to ensure their booth stands out above all of the rest. In this regard, the THQ Nordic booth at Gamescome 2019 is definitely a shining example of what to do to attract gamers. Containing 6 fully immersive gaming worlds, Evolve CSL themed the booth along the lines of an “insane theme park”. As part of creating this carnival aesthetic, Evolve CSL commissioned Plunge to bring to life games characters from the THQ Nordic games. The booth reused a number of the sculptural pieces we created for Gamescom 2018, namely Bio Mutant, Vulgrim, Fury and the Charred Council. In addition to these, we created a sculpture of Crypto and it’s crashed UFO from “Destroy All Humans”. There was a 7 metre long diner sign complete with a 3D moon which we hung above the booth. And finally, from Darksiders, a sculpture of Strife which loomed ominously in front of the Charred Council.