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Genius Without Purpose

  • Anton Dee

FULL ARTICLE: Much has been written on the subject of genius. It appears in all forms, in all walks of life and yet the mere act of describing it inevitably falls short. Genius lies in the cracks, in the space between notes, in the involuntary situations one had to experience in their life. It inspires but is impossible to imitate, it transcends time yet does not feel out of place. Some of history’s greatest artists tapped into core emotions such as love and suffering to create truly resplendent work. Genius chose their art as much as they were chosen by it. They wrote, painted, drew and sculpted and turned their pain into a blessing. People tend to simplify everything, put it into easily digestible boxes, they expect genius to be splendid and solitary. Inversely, genius is called upon to resemble all. Fortunately for us, reality is infinitely more complex. (Albert Camus, Create Dangerously 1957).