Gin & Juice

Gin & Juice is one of the UK's leading student club brands. Over the last 6 years I have put on regular events in over 10 cities across the UK, and hosted parties across the world from the snowy peaks of Europe to the hottest Saharan desert and beyond. I have seen over 250,000 people through the doors over the years and grown to a company with a team of 4 staff.

The brand was developed after I identified a gap in the market for a student event that didn't revolve solely around cheap drinks offers and pop music. I noticed a trend amongst those with a disposable income of a rise in popularity in drinking premium beers and spirits proving that students wanted more for their money and were looking for a more unique, creative event presented with style. Therefore I decided all the artwork would be hand drawn and drinks promotions were never to be advertised. I used reputable venues that met the demographic's demands.

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Sam Tucker

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