Glasgow Saints

  • David Barnes

Glasgow Saints are an amateur football team founded in 2020, who I’ve worked closely with since conception. Designing their logo, matchday kits, range of merchandise, and website, which is currently in development. It’s an exciting project to be part of, with the goal being to help combat food poverty and isolation within the local community. Si Ferry recently supported the organisation by wearing club merchandise on his podcast ‘Right In The Coupon’. Using the power of the beautiful game, the club will promote socially conscious activities and initiatives to help those in need, whilst encouraging inclusion and involvement at all levels. The club will harness people’s passion and energy into fundraising for local food banks, hosting community kitchen events, and supporting community-based projects throughout our city. We aim to use our enthusiasm and love for the sport to create positive change by bringing people together, encouraging positive relationships, and promoting physical and mental wellbeing.