Glenmorangie Beyond The Cask

  • Trent Payne

Glenmorangie’s American white oak casks are only ever used twice, taking ten years to enrich every drop of Glenmorangie Original with smooth flavours and a golden hue. For Beyond The Cask 3, Glenmorangie teamed up with Grain Surfboards to craft a series of limited-edition, high-performance boards from their reclaimed wooden staves. Having honed expertise in the art of whisky-making over the course of 175 years, Glenmorangie found a kindred spirit in Grain Surfboards, based in Maine, USA. Its team of woodworkers use traditional boat-building techniques to create surfboards from sustainable resources, each one designed to last a lifetime. Together, they harness a shared appreciation of wood, heritage and craftsmanship for the latest Beyond The Cask partnership. I helped to create the global launch event in London's Covent Garden which was attended by press, influencers and members of the public.