Gonzo Style!

  • Conrad Heydenrych
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I have had a GoPro lying around that I hadn't been using for a couple of years, I realised that the battery life is quite short but adequate enough to film about 5 seconds of things/snippets of life through out the day, and then do a quick cut edit where each individual clip lasts approximately and no more than 2 seconds on screen. The reason it is Gonzo style, is because of the Gonzo styled Journalism where I choose what to show in the edit and what not to show, there is no objectivity as it is purely from my point of view. The project was short-lived and was mainly for my Facebook audience, a day in the life type of experience.

Below is the "promo" video, I used text to speech to do the voice-over, mainly because I was into that at the time.
Below are the consecutive days starting on a Thursday and then ending on a Sunday. The project was meant to be short lived, as its not a vlog but a snap shot into my life, or the average day.

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