Good and Gather(ing Data to use in Tableau)

  • Morgan Lucas

Manipulating data for visualization...based on ratings from a big box retailer's new brand. (TheDots is UK based, so let me explain; Target is a US retailer that sells clothing, electronics, and oftentimes has a small grocery section).

This is not the first time I've bought Good and Gather items, but it is the first time I thought "What makes me go to this brand?"

Often times, the G&G item is less expensive by a few cents. Target's brand (at least on the food front) have built enough goodwill with me  for me to take the chance.

Not every item is a winner - some I still prefer a different, more established brand. Some food items are so ordinary, there's no point in reviewing it. A baby carrot is a baby carrot, G&G ones come from the same field as Green Giant.
I'm guessing.

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