Graphic Design Vs Web Design

  • Jay Sawyer Glenview

The only time graphic designers care about file size is when they try to put a giant banner on the back of their compact car. Graphic design uses physical sizes such as inches and centimeters, while web design works with pixel sizes.

Jay Sawyer Chicago Graphic designers set fixed specifications, while web designers think about what their elements look like regardless of screen size.

In graphic design, there is little need to consider the final effect, whereas in web design, size and quality of graphics can influence page speed and how readable they are at certain screen resolutions.
Printmakers use typography, visual arts and layout techniques to create visual compositions. Web designers are able to turn their design work into modules, but they still need an understanding of the hypertext markup languages such as HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Touchingly, many websites use graphic design and images to support the entire web design.
Jay Sawyer Glenview Web design and graphic design are the creation of graphics, typography, graphics and images to communicate ideas. Web designers work with the design of a website whether for reasons of ease of navigation, UX or technical computer related aspects of the project such as file size, screen resolution, speed and performance. You are responsible for creating a website that not only looks good, but also loads quickly.
Web designers take their designs and turn them into a functioning website that requires some programming. For example, they need to consider things like file size and image resolution.

Jay Sawyer Northbrook Designers also need to understand that certain elements of a website will change and grow over time.