GUAP Magazine Issue 14 - The Young Issue

  • Ibrahim Kamara
  • Regina Jaiy
  • Zweli Chibumba
  • Stephanie Ospina
  • Maureen Kargbo
  • Mariam Sholaja
  • Seyon Amosu (House of Seyon)
  • Shenell Gallimore
  • Jide Adetunji

AGE IS NOTHING BUT A NUMBER. There is no time like now where this statement holds true. There are so many amazing young people currently doing things that were seen merely as impossible for people of their age. From the music charts, to academics, the age of success is getting younger by the second. Whether this is due to the internet or the rise of role models in culture, one thing is for sure the talent is undeniable. This is a statement to every young person out there. You are capable of achieving anything you put your mind to. Your youth is an asset. Take it and leap towards your goals. The time is now. View the full feature here: