H&M Studio SS19 - an immersive fashion collection launch.

For the launch of the H&M Studio SS19 collection, we invited 72 global influencers to Sedona, Arizona for an immersive narrative adventure. Over 48-hours, an original story played out in the real world, blurring the lines between fiction and reality. It began the moment our audience arrived, with a mysterious package. Everything that followed was a complete surprise – from scripted scenes and secret messages to unexpected encounters and hidden rooms. All these discoveries led to a series of spectacular fashion moments. Each one bringing to life a key look within the collection – daywear, activewear, safari wear and evening wear. This journey also featured an incredible cast of female talent, including a water-ballet show and BMX riders, and surprise performances by Maggie Rogers and The Staves. The entire event was captured and shared by our influencers and H&M. The following day, all the content powered the global advertising campaign.