Hack Week 2020

Hack Week is a long-standing tradition at Squarespace where Engineers and Designers are encouraged to free their schedules and investigate creative concepts. While the expectation is that Hack Week projects are exploratory, Squarespace has a strong history of Hack Week projects seeding features in our primary roadmap and making it out into the wild. Check out this video to learn more about the history of the Hack Week tradition from Squarespace leadership.

Projects during hack week can be anything employees want to pursue and that can breed some really exciting ideas. Below are some of the projects we want to spotlight from Hack Week 2020.

What started as a Hack Week concept turned into a powerful tool for Squarespace businesses to sell through other social media.  Learn about how integrating product catalogs with Instagram came to fruition thanks to a Hack Week project spearheaded by two Engineers.

Sometimes Hack Week frees up time to focus on an existing project that's been put on the back burner.  Adding the option to schedule email campaigns had been on the product roadmap for this team of Squarespace Engineers, but making it their Hack Week project enabled them to expedite and complete the build.

During Hack Week, you decide what you want to get out of Hack Week.  For this group of Engineers, that meant building out a set of tools to improve the engineering experience for their team.