Haller App

  • Ophelia Ford-Welman
"Because of the support and advice provided by The Haller Farmers app, I have been able to make enough money to build a good house for myself and my family, with energy, food and water. My husband is retired now, so I am keeping the family. He is very proud of me." - Patricia Mwameso, Kenyan Farmer.

As part of Pearlfisher’s ongoing work for the Haller Foundation – a Kenyan charity helping impoverished communities thrive through sustainable farming and economic principles – we were asked to develop a ground breaking smartphone web app that would put Haller’s life changing knowledge and training into the hands of the people who need it most.

Our design is simple, graphic, visually rich and highly practical, supported by clear photography and audio in both English and Swahili, to overcome illiteracy challenges. It also incorporates an e-commerce functionality, empowering users to buy and sell goods they produce to develop a nano-economy.

Originally aimed at Kenyan small holder farmers, the web app is now being used in 45 countries and is gearing up for expansion.