• Manon Prost
  • Leesa Mealing

From October to December 2020, I worked at Hēdoïne as a Design Intern. Hēdoïne is a fashion start-up made by Hédoines, for Hédoines. During this internship, I was managed by Leesa Mealing, Art Director and Senior Designer at Hédoine. As a premium brand, they stand for quality, innovation, sustainability, value, state-of-the-art craftsmanship, and timeless design. Demographic Bold, strong, feminine Hédoines. 25-45+ businesswomen, living in big cities Keyword Bold Passionate Inappropriate

Tasks • Design and  Photoshoot research • Design of the cover highlights on Instagram • Image retouching • Design amendments on existing designs • Assisting on all aspects of photo and video shoot planning and execution • Research and design of bags for our VIP customers • Updating graphics/images for website and Amazon •  Design of Instagram Stories •  Newsletter concept
Design of the Highlight Covers on Instagram
Newsletter concept
Design concept for a Christmas gifs to send to our VIP customers
Instagram Story Design