Heinz 150

  • Stephen McDavid
  • Christopher Sharpe

Heinz has been at home in the world’s kitchen cupboards since 1869. To celebrate 150 years young, the brand tasked us with crafting a series of exclusive nods to its past. First on the menu was Heinz Beanz: Our label is a toast to the very first can of British-made baked beans to roll off the assembly line… way back in 1928! Next up was Heinz Spaghetti: This one throws it back to 1959. That year marked the grand opening of Heinz’s food processing plant Kitt Green in Wigan - which is still happily supplying the UK with fresh, flavourful spaghetti today! Last (but definitely not least) was Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup: For the last in our series of limited edition labels, we’re rewinding the clock back to 1966, when Heinz gave picnic lovers the chance to win one of 57 souped-up Wolseley Hornets: a car so British it came with a built-in kettle.