Her Hustle | How I Hustle Webinar Series

  • Emma-Louise Boynton
  • Emily Chappell

When lockdown hit, we knew we had keep our community informed and inspired from home. So, we moved our events from IRL to URL with our Her Hustle Webinar Series - a career interview and workshop from leading businesswomen. We've had the likes of Megan Morass (Founder of Full Fat Comms Agency), Michelle Lu (co-founder of Semaine), Amy Thomson (Founder of Moody), Dr.Ewoma (SKNDOCTOR) and many more, and more to come! They each provide a bespoke workshop and cover topics like Brand Messaging, How to Future Proof Your Career, Staring a Business and Finding your Career Mission. You're available to ask questions to these leading women during the workshop and meet fellow Her Hustlers to discuss the webinar after. The workshop is available as: Part of our Help In the Hustle Membership: https://bit.ly/HHMonthMembership1 A one-off viewing: https://bit.ly/HHEventLineup

“Understand how to apply your superpowers to build up others around you who have different superpowers…”

- Amy Thomson, Founder of Moody

Check our previous events & resources on our blog: https://www.herhustle.co.uk/career-blog

Below was our first event, watch it back and hope to see you at the next one!