Emily Chappell

Emily Chappell

CreativeLondon, United Kingdom
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Emily Chappell

Emily Chappell

CreativeLondon, United Kingdom
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  • Screen Shot Magazine: Emily Chapps Interview
    Screen Shot Magazine: Emily Chapps InterviewNew gen bosses: Emily Chappell, marketing strategist and creative producer on how being nice will take you places New gen bosses is a new series created to guide and inspire more people to go out there on their own, either as new business founders or freelancers. And what better way to do that than to ask the ones that already succeed at it? We want to know about big fuck-ups and even bigger successes, and the risky decisions they had to make along the way. We want to be the last little push yo
  • Free Period Stories Summit (via The Digital Fairy)
    Free Period Stories Summit (via The Digital Fairy)Free Periods is a charity that aims to end period-related injustices To kick off their #FreePeriodStories, a campaign aiming to make menstruation discussions accepted & not taboo, I produced the #FreePeriodStories Summit held at Beautystack HQ. I pushed for an event launch in order to action three forms of content in one night - live event coverage, editorial videos, & photography by Mollie Rose. This generated enough quality content to last the two-week campaign. The event’s live streamed pa
  • fgc // Computing Digital Art
    fgc // Computing Digital Art2-hour event inviting 50 tech entrepreneurs to discuss the increasingly valuable digital art industry with Christie Morgan of Pitch Studios & artist Lucy Hardcastle
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Projects credited in
  • Foundation.fm | Social Media Strategy & Brand Development
    Foundation.fm | Social Media Strategy & Brand DevelopmentFoundation.fm is a female-led community radio based in London Provided a brand audit to refine the station’s unique selling point, tone of voice, look & content. I’ve created & now implementing a strategy to increase social following and engagement. Likes per post have increased as due to an interaction-led approach to content & post optimisation. Hit 10k followers, supported the lockdown series #FoundationFromHome and concepted for their Converse #CreateFromHome collab inviting FFM audience t
  • Moody Month: Social Media Marketing & Creative Production
    Moody Month: Social Media Marketing & Creative ProductionMoody Month is a female cycles and hormone tracking app enabling women to understand their hormone cycle in order to optimise their health. Over the past three years, I have worked with the Moody team several times to help develop their communications, video production, and social media management. Instagram: @moodymonth Most recently, I built a messaging strategy for their Crowdfund Campaign which was overfunded by 40% and commissioned a FaceFilter which provides a mood boost for the user
  • Vacant Bass by Isaac Tomiczek
    Vacant Bass by Isaac TomiczekA short film on the significance of clubbing culture to black communities in the wake of Corna Virus. The pandemic has left many party venues vacant putting a halt to club culture and all the music, dancing, and unity that comes with it. The film shares clubbing memories, the black experience of clubbing, and thoughts on the industry bringing light to its importance.
    MISS VOGUE: THE DIGI DIARY - FEBRUARYWelcome to the first Digi Diary – your monthly download into the best bits of tech curated by the Digi Fairies. Our byte-sized column will cover digital culture across fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. We’ll let you know what’s broken the internet for us each month and help you sprinkle some sparkle over your social media. Snuggle up and settle down with the first instalment of our digital download.
    REN SKINCAREProud to work with @RenSkincare to launch their new Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser, a product which will work in harmony with our skin and our planet
  • Her Hustle | How I Hustle Webinar Series
    Her Hustle | How I Hustle Webinar SeriesWhen lockdown hit, we knew we had keep our community informed and inspired from home. So, we moved our events from IRL to URL with our Her Hustle Webinar Series - a career interview and workshop from leading businesswomen. We've had the likes of Megan Morass (Founder of Full Fat Comms Agency), Michelle Lu (co-founder of Semaine), Amy Thomson (Founder of Moody), Dr.Ewoma (SKNDOCTOR) and many more, and more to come! They each provide a bespoke workshop and cover topics like Brand Messaging, How
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Work history
    chapps online logo
    chapps online logo
    Creative + Producerchapps online
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    I am working with several startups & brands to develop their brand, communications, creative strategy, digital marketing, and content. Primarily, I consult on creative and social media content but also produce video, photography, events and support partnerships. The strength of my understanding & strategies often influences business direction. Clients include Moody Month, Platform13, It's Pretty Green, Nike, Her Hustle Network, Foundation.fm, & Beautystack
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    my day 2 day is creating visual social content, keeping clients happy, & making ideas happen
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    Geography with Business StudiesQueen Mary, University of London
    London, United Kingdom
    Human Geography with a bias to understand & critique through an economic lens is my vibe. My key interests from my 3-year degree were; urban studies of L.A, business functions, and the place of technology & science in society.