Hessia Studio - NEW COLLECTION Spring 2022

  • Albane LECLERC
  • Cecilia Di Paolo
  • Léa Mari

Hessia Studio is a rug and tapestry brand based in London founded by Albane early 2021. Inspired by the 60/70s, music, retro aesthetic, each piece is unique and designed in the studio based in Hackney. Last week, I've launched my new collection!!! I’ve been working hard on this one alongside my 2 other jobs, not counting the hours, improving the quality and pushing on a higher branding. I wanted to make sure Hessia Studio gets to be seen at its best. I’m very proud to share my work and I hope you’ll like my creations.

Collection available HERE.
Find me on Instagram , Glassette and Narchie 👍🏼
Photographer : cecilia Di Paolo
Stylists : Albane Leclerc & Léa Mari