HOURS (HRS) Time Based Currency / Design / 2018

Hours is a new social crypto-currency platform. I was tasked to create an identity that reflects the progressive nature of the time-based token.
Hours gives a tangible value to voluntary sector activity so that patrons, business and communities can reduce their surpluses whilst supporting the right people in non-profits to champion their work. Hours unlocks innovative mutual aid pathways between, otherwise unconnected, organisations.
This year Sheffield Doc Fest adopted Hours, allowing tickets to be bought with the currency. The documentary festival was originally founded by volunteers, therefor Sheffield Doc Fest wanted to support individuals in the local area who were working in the volunteer sector by accepting the coin as a mode of payment. The exact action which minted the coin could be traced by doc-fest. When this information is collated the impact of their ticket donations can be shown informing their CSR and tax deductions.
Design and 3D modeling In collaboration with Hannah Rose Stewart