How to Podcast (Well)

  • Alexandra (Lex) Hearth
  • Ned Sedgwick

An event hosted by Alexandra and Ned for a conversation in which they explore how you can create and launch a successful, professional and dynamic podcast. With different experiences in the field, they share a knowledge of pushing through challenges, how they adapted and grew their podcasts in a challenging market, and how they’ve created personally and professionally fulfilling products. Exploring the highs, lows, and insights they wish they’d known at the start. What you can expect to learn: - What you need to get going - How to secure guests - Technical stuff - Challenges to prepare for - How to maximise your resources, for different sized budgets

Event Live on 17th February, sign up here:
The Team

Ned Sedgwick is a podcast host, producer and cultural insights consultant. He has over five years of experience in podcasting, predominantly with the award winning production company The Spontaneity Shop. He started out as researcher and ‘Pedant-in-Chief’ for the Global Pillage Podcast with Deborah Frances-White. He has since worked on the production of The Guilty Feminist, co-hosted BBC Radio 4’s GrownUpLand and is producer, co-host and editor for The Chelsea Physic Garden’s upcoming in-house podcast. He consults on podcast strategy and has worked with the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, CrossBoundary and Responsible Business Initiative for Justice, amongst others.

Alexandra Hearth (@LexOnTheDecks) is a London based DJ, who founded the Podcast, Hot Girls, in early 2020. In its first season, the show overtook the likes of JD Sports and Defected Records to sit in the top 5 on the Apple Podcasts Music chart and was granted funding by ACE England to grow through 3x new seasons from January 2021. As a DJ she’s spun for brands inc. Ted Baker & L’Oreal,, been a resident DJ for Gymbox and is featured as one of Foundation FMs ‘DJs to watch in 2021. Outside of her work in music, she works in the marketing team at Nike, is a writer, a mentor on The Dots and is the founder of Cleopatras Worldwide.

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