How to Support the Carers in your Workforce Workshop

  • Emma Gardner

A workshop for Managers to help understand & support employees providing unpaid care around their daily work responsibilities & career. Created & delivered by Emma Gardner, Co-Founder of Born Equal Consults, this 90 minute digital workshop provided key insights into the realities of life for those providing care and how challenging it can be to sustain alongside a career without the appropriate support. An unpaid carer is a person who provides unpaid help and assistance to a spouse, partner, child, relative, friend or neighbour who cannot manage without the carers help. Some carers live with the person they care for and may spend many hours of the day or night caring, whilst trying to manage work responsibilities without the necessary support. - Approximately 2.6 million people gave up work in 2019 in order to care, a rise of 300,000 people since 2013. - Today there are nearly 1 in 10 adults providing care which equates to an estimated 4.5 million of unpaid carers in the UK & the pandemic has impacted them in multiple ways. - 72% of carers have not had any breaks from their caring role during the pandemic & 69% of carers said their mental health worsened as a result of the lack of breaks and ongoing caring duties. - Unpaid carers are more likely to state that their life events, work, access to health care and treatment, and their health and wellbeing have been negatively impacted since the start of the Coronavirus outbreak. The session helped attendees to understand and include the unpaid carers in their workforce, juggling care responsibilities with their job and take steps to provide flexibility and empathy to retain them and their talents within their business. Emma runs this workshop regularly via eventbrite or within companies & networks, directly to senior leaders & managers. “I categorically would recommend Born Equal Consults’ services to any business who are ready to make tangible changes to create better workplaces and society in the world.” – Sulaiman Khan, Chief Purpose Officer, ThisAbility Ltd